July 2020 Project Updates

July 28, 2020

Busy Summer for DRFEWS Team

Our team is working hard to put finishing touches on our DRFEWS model. By the end of summer we plan to have our scenarios and models ready for a test run.

New Update Video

For a quick overview of our progress and summer plans, watch this 7-minute video. More in-depth update videos are forthcoming, along with opportunities for PMAT and RAC members to provide specific feedback remotely.

We Have a Website: go.osu.edu/drfews

We’ll be adding more resources and information to the website soon, including some of the background readings we shared earlier in the project. If there are specific materials you’d like to see available, please be in touch with Cassy Brown, brown.1844@osu.edu.

DRFEWS looks at COVID-19 Impact

The coronavirus has had a serious impact on the regional food system and economy, causing disruptions that are likely to be with us for a while. Thanks to a special Ohio State Office of Research grant, our team will use the DRFEWS modeling platform to study how coronavirus might affect Ohio and surrounding states into the future. This work will be led by team member Yongyang Cai. Read more.

Webinars and Presentations of note

  • Team member Ian Sheldon was involved in a new paper about the impacts of COVID-19 on food and agricultural markets, published by CAST (Council for Agricultural Science and Technology). Highlights of the paper were presented on Monday, June 29. Learn more at https://www.cast-science.org/publications/
  • Project faculty Douglas Jackson-Smith helped organize a webinar about the impacts of COVID-19 on the US food and agriculture system through Board on Agriculture and Natural Resources at the National Academies of Science. The event was held June 19th and a recording can be seen here: https://www.nationalacademies.org/event/06-19-2020/covid-19-and-the-food-and-agricultural-system
  • Project leader Elena Irwin was one of three keynote speakers at Ohio State’s May 12 Webinar “Sustainability and Ohio’s Lands: Creating Value for People and the Environment.” Her presentation included an excellent description of weak and strong sustainability measurements. Recordings of the day’s presentations are available online at the Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics Outreach site.

Thank you for being part of our project. We hope you are finding safe ways to enjoy these summer months!